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Ramona Luv
Ramona Luv

Ramona Luv and Cameron Feet

Model: Ramona Luv

Model: Cameron

Release Date: 2014-07-26

Some girls will do anything to move in the rarefied air of the popular girls' social circles these days. Take Ramona for example. She has wanted to become a part in pretty Cameron's scene for a long time. When Cameron explains that entry into her clique isn't just a matter of adding each other on Facebook, Ramona doesn't even bat an eyelash. What Ramona doesn't know is that Cameron is a firm adherent to the old gods, and the old gods like to make things a little messy, a little painful, and quite a bit sapphic. But the pain of candle wax fades and messes are easy to clean up. The important thing for both Ramona and Cameron is that their new sapphic, foot-based love is real and it's going to last forever!

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