Footfetish Daily Photo Updates

Tais Mercedez Hardcore Photoset

Tais does what it takes to satisfy her boyfriend. She loves giving footjobs and blowjobs but that is not the only thing she likes. After she gets a load of cum on her feet she starts to play with it. All of it coming to a climax as she sits and starts sucking that cum off her toes.

Tais Mercedez Masturbation Photoset

Tais lets us watch as she masturbates on a sofa. She is amazing and very vocal so get ready for how hard she is going to turn you on. How long will you last?

Meet Alexis Venton Remastered

Alexis is a real Georgia peach. No, really! Alexis, as you'll quickly hear in her accent, comes to us via Georgia and brings us big-time fun in a pint-sized package. She's had her size 7s sucked on before and is very much looking forward to some more ticklish toe licking fun!

Tais Mercedez Banana Time Photoset

Tais decides she need to practice her footjob skills and what better way to do that when you don't have a cock around, you grab a banana. Here we get our first taste of how vocal she is. She is very good at howling, I bet you will enjoy this one.

Tais Mercedez Living Photos

Wait until you see that nice hairy pussy she is hiding between her legs. She loves to get footjob as she is quick to show you.

Meet Tais Mercedez Photoset

Tais Mercedez is so precious. She wears a size 33EU which is a size 3 1/2 American. I think this has to be one of the smallest feet we have had. She is 31 and damn, she looks good. Wait until you see that nice hairy pussy she is hiding between her legs. She loves to get footjob as she is quick to show you.

Kitty Bella Hardcore Remastered

So, Kitty claimed she'd never cum on camera with a guy before. Enter the legend Evan Stone, or "Chef Stone" as he's known today. Kitty is his sexy apprentice, and when he insists on adding her size 9 foot to a dish to improve its taste, you know things are gonna get hot. Those fat toes of hers curl up repeatedly as Evan wrings orgasm after orgasm from her. Evan's done tons of scenes, but he says no girl has ridden him as long or hard as Kitty did. She's a big girl, and she was dropping her full weight and impaling herself on his big cock time after time. Kitty has never swallowed cum on camera before either. But after Evan blasted his baby batter all over her soles, she started licking it up. After I turned off the camera, she quietly admitted to me: "I just swallowed it all." Good girl!

Kitty Bella Masturbation Remastered

This scene is a request by member MIKE. He wanted me to go old school and get the girl showing off her feet while she masturbated. Kitty perhaps wasn't the best one to try it on, because she's very quiet and shy in real life and had a hard time talking to the camera. But hey, the visuals are great! Enjoy those big feet and her long, luscious pussy lips.

Kitty Bella Soles on Glass Remastered

I hate to keep harping on how big Kitty's feet are, but... damn, they're BIG! And again, I say that with admiration. She has Amazonian feet, and I for one find that hot. They are also very soft and moist and warm. The kind of feet that probably sweat a lot when they're trapped in shoes. But since she was wearing flip-flops and walking around barefoot, they were odor free. You can see how moist they are for yourself. My camera caught the glass steaming up as soon as she laid her foot on its surface!

Kitty Bella Leg Show Remastered

Legs. Kitty's certainly got 'em. Not only are they long, they're meaty and muscular. She floored me when she told me she's a vegan. I know it's a stereotype and not accurate, but I still picture vegans as being skinny, malnourished types. Neither of those words describe Kitty! She's a robust girl that does the nation of Italy proud. The outfit she's wearing is the sexy chef's outfit you'll see in her hardcore scene a few weeks from now.

Meet Kitty Bella Remastered

Kitty is a brand new, 19 year old Italian girl from Florida. She stands a rather statuesque 5'8", and is a very solid girl with nice meat on her bones. Not least of which are those huge D-cup breasts! She claims her shoe size as 9, but she had to squeeze into those shoes. Her feet are wide and her toes are very thick. I'm not saying this as an insult, I actually found her big feet to be sexy. But if she were honest, I think her shoe size should be at least a 10.

Vasya Sylvia Hardcore Photoset

Vasya does what it takes to satisfy her boyfriend. After she gets a load of cum on her feet she starts to play with it. All of it coming to a climax as she sits and starts sucking that cum off her toes.

Vasya Sylvia Lotion Devotion Photoset

Everyone needs a little lotion devotion in there lives and Vasya does not disappoint. She uses her toes to spread the lotion on her feet to make sure they are nice and smooth. Then once again we get to see those puffy nipples and cute little ass. She ends with an amazing masturbation and does get more vocal in this clip. You can hear the moistness of her pussy as she rubs it. Watch her toes curl as she reaches climax.

Misty Stone Footjob Remastered

Misty Stone has been a pretty big hit over here at, so we've decided to bring her back for some more Foot Fetish fun. Today, we had her give Tom Dong a footjob, and she didn't stop there. Take a look at the way she grasps his tiny cock with her soles and toes, all of this while we have a nice view of her tiny pussy. At the end, Tom oozes his load all over Misty's feet.

Vasya Sylvia Living Photoset

In these living photos we stop to enjoy Vasya feet close up and we are able to just stare at them for a moment. We are treated with the added bonus of her masturbating while we get so close to her feet. You can tell it really turns her on.

Vasya Sylvia Masturbation Photoset

Vasya is so hot in this masturbation video. She starts off playing with a makeup brush, tickling her toes with it. Before long her fingers are finding their way between her legs. She is that most perfect puffy nipples that is so hard to stop staring at them.

Meet Vasya Sylvia Photoset

Vasya Sylvia is a 22 year old cutie with braces. She wears a size 37 EU (6.5) shoe and is 5'3" (162 cm). She shows us how sexy natural toe nails can look after she takes off her big boots. She demonstrates how she would give a foot job if you would want her to.

Misty Stone Hardcore Remastered

Misty Stone and Tyler Knight had been wanting to work together since shooting a softcore sex scene for the Showtime series Zane's Sex Chronicles. They were frustrated that they didn't get to really have sex that time. Tyler attacked Misty's size 8.5 feet like he was a starving man, licking her pale soles and thrusting his big black cock through them. They even did the position we invented a couple weeks ago, the "Doggie Sole." After having to stop himself from cumming several times Tyler finally let loose, coating Misty's soles with his sticky cum.

Misty Stone Soles on Glass Remastered

Misty thought the glass table was a trip, she had a great time showing off her feet on it. You can tell her feet are pretty flat when she stands on the table. But that isn't why you love them is it? You'll love those wrinkled soles that are a shade paler than the rest of her brown body.

Misty Stone Shoe Closet Remastered

Misty brought a ton of shoes with her, so it was time for another Shoe Closet segment. I have to admit, I really liked the way the first one turned out. It's interesting to see how different shoes highlight a girl's feet in different ways. Which shoe is your favorite?

Misty Stone Stockings Remastered

Misty had a bunch of bright fishnet stockings from another shoot. They all looked great on her athletic legs and ass, so I told her to pick her favorite and start talking dirty.

Meet Misty Stone Remastered

Misty Stone is a gorgeous black girl who looks like she time-warped in from the '70s. Damn is this sista fine! And I loved her feisty personality. She's 22, stands 5'4, wears a size 8.5 shoe, and is African American with one-quarter Creek Indian. Her skin is positively luminous. Misty should be the poster child for pornography. For her it's been better than a Dale Carnegie class, helping her become more self-confident and broadening her sexual horizons.

Chloe Way Hardcore Photoset

Chole does what it takes to satisfy her boyfriend. She loves giving footjobs and blowjobs but that is not the only thing she likes. After she gets a load of cum on her feet she starts to play with it. All of it coming to a climax as she sits and starts sucking that cum off her toes.

Chloe Way Living Photos Photoset

In this living photos segment, Chole really gives it all she has to show you her feet and soles. Get up close and personal with Chole as she puts lotion on her feet and is happy to let you just stare if you want to.

Chloe Way Feet Pic Photoset

Chloe knows her boyfriend loves her feet so she takes snaps of them and send them over. But she also knows you like her feet too, so when she is done she puts on a show for you. Chloe knows why you are here and that is to see her masturbate. She does not disappoint, making sure you get a good look at her feet. Using her feet to show you how she would give you a footjob.

Chloe Way Toe Sucking Photoset

Chloe uses her feet to play with a makeup brush, then quickly undresses for us. Here, we get to admire her puffy nipples and her perfect ass. We get a close up view of her feet as she masturbates for us and shows us how she would do a footjob. Then, she starts to do some toe sucking and I bet you can only imagine that is your big cock being sucked by her pink lips.

Meet Chloe Way Photoset

Meet Chloe Way, a Russian bombshell that has amazing size 38 EU feet. She is 21 and have a perfect body. We are even forunate enough to see a little shoe dangle with her black high heel shoes. She is new to the being a model, having only been doing it for one year. She has perfect puffy nipples which you do not see too often.

Missy Stone Hardcore Remastered

Missy Stone has super ticklish soles. And real-life former cop Jack Lawrence is going to work them good. By the time he's done tickling and sucking those sexy size 7 feet, she's going to be begging him to do more. Those big, beautiful eyes of hers open wide as he gives her orgasms with his tongue, fingers and thick cock. Missy even wraps her deep arches around Jack's meat and uses her tiny, skinny toes to drive him mad. He drops a load into her mouth which she obediently swallows for the officer.

Missy Stone Soles on Glass Remastered

As you've seen, Missy has the unusual talent of being able to stand on her ankles. Maybe that's why she has that weird little curve on the outside of her feet. I frankly can't believe how good her feet look, given the fact that she has broken every single toe on both feet at least once! When she was leaving my house she almost broke two more when she stubbed them hard on my patio.

Missy Stone Lotion Devotion Remastered

Missy got a pedicure a couple days before the shoot. The little Asian woman scrubbed as hard as she could, but those rough areas on the balls of her feet weren't budging. Missy says they come from her being a "hippie girl" and walking around barefoot constantly. Sounds like a job for Lotion Devotion!

Missy Stone Shoe Closet Remastered

This scene was a request from MACHINE and BROPHSTER. Missy brought a ton of open-toed shoes with her, so I had her model some. Her current favorite pair was made from cork. I thought they would retain sweat more, but she said they don't. My favorite was her newest pair. It's the one at the end of the photo set whose toe area is basically a big black bow. Very sexy.

Meet Missy Stone Remastered

Missy Stone just turned 21 last week. She's 5'3" with a 6.5 shoe size that she claims has recently gone up to a 7. I think she looks like a brunette Scarlet Johanson because of those bee-stung lips, but she says she gets Adriana Lima more often because of her eyes. She has some of the thinnest, most petite toes I've ever seen. The only thing wrong with her is she's a bit lazy, she practically fell asleep on the bed while I shot photos. (In fact I caught her once as you'll see below.) She also brags that she never works out, but that baby fat around her stomach will sneak up on her if she's not careful!

Dark Strawberry Hardcore Photoset

Well now, doesn't she look like to perfect wife in her Sunday dress. She is sitting so shy only for us to discover it only takes a second for her to spread her legs and show off the red hairy pussy. Don't let that pink hair fool you, she has a red hot hairy pussy under that dress and she loves to have it eaten.

Dark Strawberry Lotion Devotion Photoset

Lotion, lotion, and more lotion. Dark Strawberry wants to make sure her feet are as soft as possible for that foot job she is going to be giving later. We also get very good close up views of the bottoms of her feet in this video.

Rilee Marks Hardcore Remastered

Spending long, hot summer days studying the bible can be a bit of a drag. Catholic classmates Rilee and Marie need a break from the tedium and decide that a little foot massage is just the thing to melt the stress away. But why stop there? Maybe some toe sucking would be just as relaxing. And if they're going to go that far, why not go all the way and just eat each other's pussies like they really want to?

Dark Strawberry Masturbation

Dark Strawberry takes us into her bedroom for a fun time of masturbation. She is so vocal and intense, you will quickly fall in love with her hairy pussy.

Dark Strawberry Story Time Photoset

Time for a little ASMR with Dark Strawberry while she turns the pages of a book with her feet. I was so excited to find out this woman is very vocal when she masturbates. Nothing is a bigger turn on then a woman who knows how to please herself. I can't wait to see her getting fucked. I wonder what kind of noises she will make then. Maybe she is quiter when someone else is around verses when she is doing it herself. Her hairy pussy is just an added bonus.

Meet Dark Strawberry Photoset

32 year old MILF Dark Strawberry, shows us you don't need to be young to have amazing feet. She walks around for us in high heels and then in bare feet. What a dream come true! She is 5 feet tall (155 cm) with a shoe size of 5 (34 eu). She is pretty tiny with a hair pussy. She does like to have anal sex, and the more often the better. For those of you that like dirty feet, well, her feet are a little dirty.

Marie McCray Poolside Feet Remastered

Marie is a sweet girl from the Midwest. Indiana, to be exact. She lives there and only flies out to L.A. occasionally to shoot some scenes. She's a natural redhead, but unfortunately shaved her bush off recently. She has cute size 6 feet. Enjoy this shy little cutie as she whets your appetite for her interview and striptease next week.

Marie McCray Soles on Glass Remastered

If you're a fan of pure, ivory skin you'll love the view of Marie's legs as seen from under the glass table. I decided to try something a little different this time, and had Marie dip her toes into some aqua toothpaste at the end of the scene. One thing's for sure. Her toes are minty fresh!

Marie McCray Black Pantyhose Remastered

I told soft-spoken Marie to imagine she was making a tape to send to her long distance boyfriend. (He lives here in L.A. and most of the time she's back in Indiana.) This was the result. I'm not sure if the boyfriend is into feet or pantyhose, but it worked for me. Especially when she cums at the end.

Meet Marie McCray Remastered

Marie is so sweet and innocent, the only "slut" story she had from her real life was the time she made out with a boy at Disneyland! But her breasts are nice and full - she claims B cup, but they look bigger to me. Enjoy our chat with adorable and giggly Marie.

Adriana Chechik Hardcore Remastered

Adriana has a wacky encounter with Evan Stone. He will do anything to get that pretty pedicure in his mouth. She gets so wet from the foot action that she gives him some pussy right on the kitchen counter. He cums in her mouth and she snowballs her own feet with it.

Adriana Chechik Masturbation Remastered

Adriana shows us those bedroom eyes before she starts playing with her pink pussy. With her pale soles in the air, she fingers her pussy and pulls on her clit for us. She really wishes we had our face between her legs and on her feet, but sometimes a girl has to do it all herself.

Adriana Foot Suck Remastered

Naughty Adriana is going to suck her little feet for us. Imagine sharing that wet and sexy foot with her. Licking and sucking and looking into her pretty eyes. Can you fit the whole foot?

Elise Moon Hardcore Photoset

Elise shows us how good she is at giving footjobs in this scene. Elise gets taken in many different positions and she does go cross-eyed a few different times. Finally, she takes a load on top of her feet and we see how much she enjoys playing with all that cum.

Elise Moon Dildo Footjob Photoset

Elise Moon shows us exactly what she would did with a cock in between her feet with this pink dildo. Elise gives an amazing footjob as she caresses that silicone dick between her feet. Watch as she holds it between her feet as she rubs her pussy and gets to climax.

Adriana Chechik Living Photos Remastered

Adriana is going to teach you the right way to lick and suck her feet. Her tan skin really shows off her pale soles. When she feels you have done a good job, she will give you a little treat.