Footfetish Daily Photo Updates

Meet Mena Carlisle Photoset

Mena Carlisle has a lot to say to you. She tells us a few things about herself and shows us her perfect pussy, breast and amazing size 8 feet. She has a fancy pedicure that she is sure you will love. The soles of her feet are just as soft as the top as she explains to you how much she loves to have her feet worshiped.

Taylor Tilden Hardcore Remastered

Taylor needs some professional advice from Dr. Dane regarding her recurring foot pain. It seems her size 10s have been suffering because of too much dancing. Dr. Dane decides to prescribe a little more than just a placebo for this non-injury and administers a large dose of tongue to her toes. Taylor finds herself quite turned on by Dr. Dane's bedside manner and offers up her dripping pussy for her thorough physician. After a strong round of pussy-pounding athletics, the good doctor writes out a prescription in semen across her toes. Who says physicians don't care about their patients anymore?

Taylor Tilden Masturbation Remastered

I barely manage to get the camera rolling in time; Taylor wants her orgasm and she gets off to a quick start. She confesses that she's a bit of a masturbatory fiend; she gets herself off more than a few times in one day. She brought along her own toy today and has no problem getting herself into the right mood. Once she gets turned on, it's full steam ahead, matey!

Taylor Tilden News Prints Remastered

Taylor gets her feet dirty with a little news print action this afternoon. She's afraid that she might tear the newspaper, but as long as she's getting that ink all over her soles, there's no need to worry about being neat! Taylor finds the dirtying of her soles to be a pretty zen experience and stays nice and relaxed while getting us all hot and bothered. Maybe she and I should write a book about this...

Taylor Tilden Living Photos Remastered

Before you settle down for the night, Taylor wants you to know that there's something that you need to take care of. You won't hate it; in fact, you'll love it! Her feet desperately need some attention, and some sweet foot lovin' is exactly what the doctor ordered for her. She wants to watch while you give her size 10s the attention they deserve and if you've been a good boy, this slinky vixen is ready to return the favor!

Meet Taylor Tilden Remastered

24-year-old Taylor is sexy mix of Irish and Russian genes with wonderful size 10 feet. She brings a beautifully jiggly butt to the table, too! She has a few tattoos and piercings, and she explains that her clit piercing is responsible for her awakening the sexual demon that's been hiding in her. She admits to being a slightly less-than-stellar girlfriend; when you're as horny as she is, it's hard to keep it in her pants!

Julia Red Hardcore Photoset

Oh to see this lovely creature laying in your bed when you come home from a hard day of work. Black heels and thigh high stockings. She is ready for you to take off her shoes, kiss her feet and worship her like the goddess she is. Your reward? An amazing foot job that will keep you thinking about getting back in her bed for days. She gives a footjob, a blowjob, lets you fuck her many different ways and lets you suck on her feet as much as you want. Then she takes you load all over her feet.

Julia Red Masturbation Photoset

This is what you want to see in your bed when you get home. Julia in a silk robe and black high heels. If you stick around she will show you how she pleasures herself when you are at work. That is nothing sexier than a woman that knows how to please herself. She sucks her toes like she is sucking on your dick. Now you know why she is so good at sucking dick, because she gets practice when she is getting herself off during the day.

Elle Alexandra Stockings Remastered

Elle switches up gears and brings you a nice present. She was a bit hard on you earlier, but that was then and this is now! She wants to play with stockings for you. Everyone likes to see a little toe wiggling and some spread out toes. Get your fill, because once Elle's ready to rip them off of her 8.5s, they are getting shredded!

Meet Elle Alexandra Remastered

I try not to play favorites when it comes to all of the girls that grace our doorway, but there's just something about Irish/Cherokee Elle that's going to stay with me longer than usual. She's 20 and has smooth-soled size 8.5s with a fresh French-tipped pedicure just for you! She mostly likes the girls (though she does enjoy the occasional penis), she's a bit dominant and a whole lot of fun!

Julia Red Toe Sucking Photoset

Julia Red walks on in a pair neutral colored high heels and quickly takes them off so we can see her pretty pink toes. Her white short set looks so good on her fair skins. She shows us her perfect toes as she puts little candies in between all of her toes. Just when you think it can't get any better she puts her toes right in her perfect, pink mouth and runs her tongue along her toes like she is licking your dick. Your treat for the day is seeing her spread her legs as she sucks on her toes.

Julia Red Lotion Devotion Photoset

Julia is such a sight for sore eyes. Her toes, arches, and soles are practically perfect. She gives us some good close up views of her feet as she pulls out the lotion bottle to give her feet a nice rub down. I love how she is so focused on her feet being soft so when she wraps them around your cock they are as smooth as possible.

Meet Julia Red Photoset

Meet Julia Red, she is 28 and wears a size 39 (7.5) in shoe. She is a Capricorn and loves to eat fast food. She loves to travel and loves where high heel shoes. She has amazing curves and puffy nipples. We are so lucky when we get models with puffy breasts because they are not a common thing. Her pussy is shaven so it gives us a better look at her puffy, meaty pussy lips. She loves to give footjobs and is very quick to give us a demonstration.

Karina White Hardcore Remastered

It's not everyday that you have an opportunity to meet the rap star of your dreams. That's why besties Karina and Heather are so excited! All they have to do is prove that they are truly down for anything to the tour manager. Would they be willing to suck on each other's feet to get backstage? Hell, yeah! Heather won't stop at the instep, though. To secure her alone time with a rap legend, she's willing to suck on Karina's size 8s as well as her friend's pussy. There's no stopping these girls!

Karina White Masturbation Remastered

Karina's theme, from the beginning, seems to have been all about the pink. So, it should come as no surprise that when it comes time to get her feet up in the air and pleasure herself, Karina's toy would be bright neon pink! She doesn't have any problem getting off; but, she is a little afraid to squirt on the clean sheets. Karina, darling, just let go and squirt away!

Karina White Self-Sucking Remastered

While Karina does enjoy some footplay at home, she hasn't done a whole lot of experimenting with her own pretty feet. This does in no way stop her from eagerly trying to swallow her whole foot for those of us so inclined to watch! She's not afraid of getting down and dirty, so she runs her tongue along every beautiful nook and cranny she can find on both of her feet!

Karina White Living Photos Remastered

Cute valley girl Karina needs to find a way to alleviate the overwhelming horniness she's been dealing with all day and she only has one request for you: suck on her size 8s! She'll give you whatever you want as long as you promise to do some nibbling on her toes and she knows that as soon as you drop your load all over her feet that she's going to get exactly what she's been longing for all day!

Meet Karina White Remastered

21-year-old Karina is a former Catholic schoolgirl and current Valley girl. She lets her boyfriend enjoy sucking on her pretty size 8s at home, but she doesn't let him fool around with any of the girls she works with! We could live with that; her feet are scrumptious! Karina grew up playing with girls, and she loves them dearly, but it takes a really special kind of woman to make Karina fall for her!

Sasha Paige Hardcore Photoset

Sasha is ready for her boyfriend to get home. As soon as he gets there she tells him her feet are aching to be sucked and her pussy wants to be fucked.

Sasha Paige Masturbation Photoset

Sasha let's us watch as she masturbates on the couch. She is might be quiet but she is pretty vocal giving us oohs and aahhs the whole way through. If you like your women quiet but with enough sound for you to know you are doing a good job Sasha, is the one for you. She is quiet but vocal. Have fun watching this one.

Sasha Paige Perfect Breasts Photoset

Sasha takes time to show us her perfect breasts before turning her attention to her natural toes. I love how she keeps looking right into the camera as she rubs her clit. She keeps her soles to the camera for a good while as she masturbates.

Sasha Paige Living Photos

A dab of lotion makes everything, especially feet, smoother. Sasha puts a little lotion on her feet before she strips down to masturbate for you. We now see how cute and tight her pussy really is as she wets her fingers and rubs her clit. She is quiet shy which makes it even more desirable.

Meet Sasha Paige Photoset

Meet Sasha Paige, she is an 18 year old and she is very new to the business. She is eager to please and loves to walk around for us to look at her gorgeous nature toes. She wears a size 38 eu, (7 1/2) and is 165 cm (5'6"). She as been working as a model for 8 months and loves it.

Gia Steel Hardcore Remastered

You'd be hard-pressed to find a bigger UFO enthusiast than Anthony. Anthony really wants to help skeptical Gia see the light when it comes to little green men, but it's going to take a fair bit of convincing. Luckily, Anthony guesses that the path to Gia's heart starts at her size 6s. After massaging her feet with his cock, Anthony finds Gia much more receptive to the idea of alien visitors as well as the idea of riding his "space dick". By the time Anthony sprays down Gia's toes with sperm, Gia's become a true believer!

Gia Steel Masturbation Remastered

Lucky Gia doesn't usually masturbate; she usually has a man handy to take care of that for her. On the rare occasions when she finds no man handy, she likes to think about the fun sexy times she's had in the past. Gia's already pretty wet before she gets started, and once she gets her toy involved it's sploosh time between Gia's legs. The best part? When she uses her feet to fuck herself. Epic!

Gia Steel Self-Sucking Remastered

Gia is an honest girl, and we appreciate that about her. She's a little freaked out at the thought of sucking on her own toes. Once she gets her foot to her mouth, though, you can see that she warms up to it immediately. How could you not like sucking on toes, right? Gia takes direction well and does everything that's asked of her. She definitely gets a gold star for her performance this afternoon!

Gia Steel Living Photos Remastered

We can't say it any simpler than straight-shooter Gia, so we'll just let her say it: "I am so fucking horny!" With those five little words, welcome to Gia's world. She's aching for a little toe-sucking fix, so why don't you see if you can help a girl out! Maybe you could see how much of her size 6 you can fit in your mouth; if you give it the old college try, you may just get rewarded!

Meet Gia Steel Remastered

Gia is a bubbly 20-year-old from Massachusetts. Listen carefully, and you may hear some traces of her cute accent! Along with her wicked accent, Gia brings a pair of smooth size 6s for us to play with today. Her feet are pretty sensitive just like she is; she gets a little shy and her feet get squirmy when she talks! As much as Gia loves men, she loves women even more!

Evelyn Lin Leg Show Remastered

It's funny that Evelyn lists her perverted fantasy as going to a swinger's club. She's been with her boyfriend/webmaster since she first got into porn, so doesn't her occupation qualify as swinging? These are the kinds of philosophical questions one faces when one steps through the looking glass of porn. Try not to ponder too deeply as you watch Evelyn show off her legs for your viewing pleasure.

Elizabeth Hardcore Photoset

Elizabeth is waiting for her boyfriend in a strappy heels and a red nighty. She is more than willing to please her man, as she sucks him off and lets him fuck her however he wants to. He cums on her feet and she adds some lotion in order to get is spread all over her feet. We get a long scene of her rubbing her feet with a combination of cum and lotion.

Elizabeth Masturbation Photoset

Elizabeth starts off with wet legs and black high heels, which is a little unusual I know, but don't worry this quickly turns into a masturbation video as we watch her strip down to a black bra and panties. Elizabeth also shows us she is a little flexible as she does some toe sucking before lubing up her pussy to show us how she likes to masturbate. We get a nice view from the back as she sits on her heels and rubs her pussy. She is very quite with only some low moaning but sometimes that is all you need.

Evelyn Lin Soles on Glass Remastered

The focus of this segment was heel crushing. This was a request that came from member SOFT HEEL PADS. I chose a couple lucky Doritos to be crushed to crumbs beneath Evelyn's sweet, Asian feet. Let me know how you like it, SOFT. Again, I'm always happy to shoot member requests. So speak up in the Forum and tell me what you'd like to see.

Elizabeth Lotion Devotion Photoset

Elizabeth is where beige platform heels so show you how her legs look so long in high heels. We see really amazing shots of her ass resting on her heels and you get so see all the lines on her ass that the wicker chair left. She takes out the lotion and gives her feet a good rub down and completely coats them in lotion. This is an amazing scene with lots of close ups for those that love lotion devotion.

Elizabeth Living Photoset

Elizabeth walks in on her tip toes in fishnet stockings with a cut out crotch. She plays in front of a mirror so we get to see the tops and bottoms of her feet at the same time.

Meet Elizabeth Photoset

Elizabeth is very happy to meet you. She is in a black dress and hits in all the right spots. Her feet are a size 38 eu and is 24 years old. Her legs are pretty flexible and she loves to wear high heels because they make her legs even more sexy.

Katreena Lee Hardcore Remastered

Sexy little Katreena is only too happy to go get new daily pedicures for her boyfriend, she just wants to better understand what it is about them that turns him on. He confesses to a foot fetish and begs to get his mouth on her size 7s. Being the ticklish sort, Katreena is wary at first, but once she feels a throbbing cock between her toes, she forgets all about being ticklish and starts thinking about how horny she suddenly is. The cure for that? A generous dose of cock, applied liberally to Katreena's pussy. The end to a wonderful afternoon's frisky foot play wouldn't be complete without sticky toes, a fun fact Katreena is delighted to discover!

Katreena Lee Masturbation Remastered

Sweet Katreena likes to think about the male form in an abstract state while she gets off. That is, there aren't any fantasies about the loads of hot sex she's had. There isn't anyone in particular she likes to picture in her mind. No, what turns her on are warm thoughts of big biceps and washboard abs. That's what gets Kat's motor running. Once those visions start dancing through her head it's time to turn on the vibrator and bury it deep in her pussy. Which leaves us plenty of time to ponder her glorious pale-soled arches...

Katreena Lee Tied and Tickled Remastered

Katreena is more than a little scared of me today. That's because she's going to be tied up for the first time in her life. But that's not the real dread-inducing bit. You see, Katreena claims to be ticklish to the point of ridiculousness, and I'm planning on finding out just how far we can push this little darling before it's time for a safe word. Katreena thinks I'm going to end up with a bloody nose, but she's going to have to be able to catch her breath long enough to move before she can do anything else! (Note: No cute Asian girls were harmed in the filming of this episode!)

Katreena Lee Living Photos Remastered

Katreena has great legs; she spends a lot of her spare time in the water, either swimming or playing water polo (the former of which she is a state champ of). She wasn't comfortable with her lithe little body until she got to college; as you can see, she has come a long way. She's a submissive who's never been tied up and she absolutely adores the foreplay, just as long as you're nibbling and not biting! She's nervous about getting her feet on a hard dick, so I give her a little tutorial on the fine art of footjobs!

Meet Katreena Lee Remastered

Katreena Lee is just a bundle of joy! She's 20 years old, from California, and has extremely (and I do not exaggerate) ticklish size 7s. She's an extremely attractive mix of Chinese and Vietnamese heritage and has only been in the business of professional sexiness for five weeks now. As you may have guessed from the comment about being super ticklish, she has never had her beautiful feet and toes sucked on before today. She's in for an eye-opening, scream-inducing experience with us!

Sara Bork Hardcore Photoset

Sara starts with amazing black high heels that looks so good next to her pale skin. She quickly spreads her legs for her lover to lick those meaty pussy lips and get her ready for his cock. She wraps her toes around his dick like it is her mouth and gives a footjob to start things off. It doesn't take long before she is riding that cock in a reverse cowgirl and taking the whole thing. Titties bouncing up and down, that is what I like to see. She ends the whole thing with a load of cum on her feet and she plays with it until it dries.

Sara Bork Masturbation Photoset

Sara Bork is a hot 19 year old with amazing feet. She lets us in her bedroom as she decides to masturbate in front of us. When she takes off her top you release that the surprises keep coming because she has the most spectacular puffy nipples. She also demonstrates she can put her toes right in her mouth. Add a little lube to those meaty pussy lips and she is rubbing away to give herself an orgasm.

Sara Bork Tickle Time Photoset

Sara Bork brings feathers into this scene. I would love to be right there while she has those feathers out so I could tickle her feet myself. I bet those feel amazing as she rubs them up and down her legs and on her feet. When she turns around and you have a look up her skirt you might want to pass yourself. Lots of close up of the bottoms of her feet in this clip.

Sara Bok Lotion Devotion Photoset

Sara strips off all her clothes and starts applying lotion to her feet and legs before spreading her legs and masturbating for us.

Meet Sara Bork Photoset

Sara Bork is a 19 year old that loves her toes and she is pretty flexible. With size 37 feet they are nice and small. Small enough for you to put all the way in your mouth and lick them up and down. She has beautiful eyes that make me fantasize about what it is going to look like when she is sucking my cock looing up at me from her knees.

Evelyn Lin Pudding Toes Remastered

This segment was a request from member PAPERTHIN5678. He actually requested vanilla pudding, but I thought tapioca might look hotter. It worked brilliantly. Her toes looked like they were covered in thick cum. Seeing her lick it off her own toes was, as the French say, the piece de resistance. Thanks for the suggestion PAPERTHIN. I love shooting requests from members, especially when they turn out as hot as this one did!

Meet Evelyn Lin Remastered

Evelyn is not your typical porn star. Like Jandi Lin last week, she is the only child of traditional Chinese parents who moved here when she was just five. I shot a footjob scene with Evelyn when she first got in the biz two years ago. At that time she was a fresh 18 year old who could only work certain days because she was attending a university in San Diego where she lived. Now she's all grown up but still looks as sweet and innocent. And more to the point, those size 7.5 feet of hers are just as adorable.

Nikki Chase Hardcore Remastered

It's been discussed before in great detail, but it bears repeating: A foot massage ain't just a foot massage! To prove this point, Dane uses his magic hands on Nikki's size 7.5s and finds that the foot massage has an immediate effect on her. Nikki quickly takes off her clothes and puts her feet to work on Dane's dick! And she's not done there; Nikki wants a generous portion of dick in her drawers to go along with the generous portion of cum she's expecting on her feet!